Twisters are regular enemies in the Kirby series that resemble small, orange tops. They spin slowly in place until Kirby approaches, then they take to the air and spin faster chasing Kirby in a similar fashion to Kirby's Tornado ability. While spinning they are invincible to most attacks and can go through walls and sometimes travel off the screen in some games. If Kirby inhales one of these foes, he gains the Tornado ability, but Kirby cannot go through walls and go off the screen like Twister.

Twister (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland)

Twister in Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Twister (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Twister in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Twister (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Twister in Kirby Squeak Squad