Roly-Poly (Kororon in Japan) is a Kirby series enemy found only in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. An native creature of the Mirror World, Roly-Polys will wait on a hill until Kirby comes near, then will roll through the hill attempting to hit Kirby. Roly-Poly doesn't give any copy abilities when eaten. Sometimes (usually randomly) Roly-Poly will jump high in the air, attempting to land on Kirby. They can be found almost anywhere, from Rainbow Route to Candy Constellation.

Physical Appearance Edit

He resembles a sky blue-colored ball with small black eyes, dark blue-colored Kirby-like shoes, and a cat-like mouth. Roly-poly slightly resembles Blue Kirby.

Roly-Poly (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Roly-Poly in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

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