Plasma Wisp is a recurring enemy who has thus far appeared in in Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra, and Kirby Air Ride. He is a mass of flaming green electricity. He gives Kirby the Plasma ability when eaten. He is also the Helper for the Plasma ability.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

Plasma Wisp first appeared in Kirby Super Star, and returned in its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. He's a flashy green enemy (green, in some levels) who's able to build up his attacks, so the longer he holds in his attack, the stronger it will be. Plasma Wisp is also able to float freely in the air and is not affected by gravity. However, he will gradually descend as time goes on. Depending on what distance Kirby is at, the attack power of Plasma Wisp varies. For example, if Kirby is very far from Plasma Wisp, he will charge to its full power. If Kirby is very near Plasma Wisp, he will use his weakest charge.

As a Helper, he resembles a green ball of electricity with light purple hands (which was changed to white in the remake). He has five fingers here, which was changed in Air Ride. He can do virtually anything Plasma Kirby can do, but he also retains his hovering ability and can envelop himself in a small electrical force field as his guard.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, Plasma Wisp is playable in Helper to Hero. This Plasma Wisp is a dull yellow color with bright yellow hands. In both versions, the enemy version of Plasma Wisp is blue.

Plasma Wisp

Plasma Wisp in Kirby Super Star

Plasma Wisp (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Plasma Wisp in Kirby Super Star Ultra