Noddy are a common regular enemy type in Kirby's game series.

Noddy is a round, sleepy foe. Its body is roughly spherical, often flattened as it lays down. It wears a sleeping cap with polka dots on its head with a trim around the base and ball at the end. It has large eyes, which are usually closed in rest, and a mouth on the front of it. It has two round feet but no arms. It also bears a strong resemblance to Marx.

It's better to spit these enemies out at other enemies, as it bestows the Sleep ability onto Kirby (But if you have the Copy Scroll, swallow them when no potential threat is around).

In GamesEdit

Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandEdit

Noddy does very little and less to be construed as a threat. It takes a few steps in either direction before dozing off into a sleep. After a while, it may awaken to repeat the process. It has neither any attacks nor any means to damage Kirby outside of direct contact.

When swallowed, it gives the Sleep copy ability. Giving this ability is the most dangerous aspect of Noddy.


Noddy in Kirby Super Star

Noddy (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland)

Noddy in Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Noddy (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Noddy in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Noddy (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Noddy in Kirby Squeak Squad

Noddy (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Noddy in Kirby Super Star Ultra