A Metalun is a large enemy that, when eaten, gives the Metal ability. It is only found in Kirby Squeak Squad. Metalun is very slow, and because of its shape, it rolls down a hill like it moves down one step at a time.

Apearance Edit

Metalun appears to be a large metal statue-like creature and has two small black eyes. It is apparently the shape of a dodecahedron, so it rolls down hills slowly, tucking in its legs as it rolls. The only way it can really hurt Kirby is by bumping into him. It's eyes seem to both be on one side of its head, meaning either it was meant to look 3D or demented. It has no torso and two small feet, no ears, nose, or visible mouth. One eye is slightly above the other, meaning it probably was meant to look 3D. It is probably just a smaller version of Big Metalun. Strangely despite them granting the Metal ability when eaten, they themselves are not invincible to Kirby, although this may be explained by the fact that even Metal Kirby can be hurt by Both Mini-Bosses and Bosses, so it seems reasonable Metalun are invicible only to normal enemies, enemies that Kirby is far stronger than and therefore can harm Metalun easily.

Metalun (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Metalun in Kirby Squeak Squad