Heavy Knight is an enemy of Kirby in several games. He is a large, heavily armored knight with red metal plating and a spike on his head (or helmet?). He has a big sword to slice enemies. His sword is slower than Sword Knight's sword but it's bigger and stronger. In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Heavy Knight is just a bigger version of Sword Knight. Heavy Knight gives Kirby the Sword ability when eaten.

When Kirby is possessing Heavy Knight as Ghost Kirby, he can use the sword and lunge it forward if the player double-taps the side button on the directional pad. Also, because of his heavy armor it is hard to move around because of his slow speed.

Heavy Knight (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Heavy Knight in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Heavy Knight (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Heavy Knight in Kirby Squeak Squad

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