Galbel is a stronger and faster version of Grizzo that appears in the Revenge of the King sub-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra. He is a large, fat, saber-tooth tiger with light yellow fur and brown stripes. He acts just like his weaker counterpart, just trotting along and stampeding when nervous. Galbel can even be found sleeping in-game at least once, namely in the second room of Illusion Islands. Plus, a Galbel is seen in the opening cutscene to Crash Clouds, when one falls on top of Kirby not long after he sneezes. The Galbel, still fast asleep, also sneezes after crushing Kirby.

Besides being faster, the main difference between Galbel and Grizzo is the dramatic health difference. Galbel has a great deal more vitality than its weaker counterpart.

Galbel (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Galbel in Kirby Super Star Ultra