Crimp (a.k.a. Climb) is an enemy that appears in Kirby Squeak Squad. He is a yellow blob with an ovalish mouth and green spider-like legs, and round black eyes, sort of resembling a spider. Crimp likes to hang out on walls, climbing up and down them as he does so. Whenever he spots Kirby, he'll spit out small, round bombs that explode on contact. He gives no ability and is best taken care of by Ninja Kirby, since he spends a lot of time sticking to walls.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes, Crimp will fall off its wall if hit by a weak attack. Once this happens, the Crimp will bounce around on the floor, spinning uncontrollably, until it has either touched a wall or made it offscreen. Once possessed by Ghost Kirby, Crimp shows a strange behavior. On the wall, Crimp can be made to move around and shoot bombs, its normal behavior. However, you can also get Crimp to jump off the wall. When it lands on the floor, it stands, but when moving about, it jumps around on the floor.
Crimp (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Crimp in Kirby Squeak Squad