Capsule J is an enemy and Helper that appears in Kirby Super Star, and is one notable for being the only Helper omitted from the game's remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. Its design is heavily based on Konami's "TwinBee" character. It gives Kirby the Jet ability when inhaled. With help from its jet pack, Capsule J can hover around - though sometimes it may also use its jet pack as means of pursuing Kirby.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, Capsule J is replaced by Capsule J2 (both as an enemy and Helper), possibly due to expired/renewed copyrights. Capsule J doesn't even manage to make a cameo appearance, making it completely absent from the game.


Kirby Super StarEdit

Capsule J appears as the Helper and the provider of the high-tech Jet ability. It hovers around aimlessly at first, but begins to zoom at Kirby after it sets its sights on him. Occasionally Capsule J may unleash the powerful Jet Cracker move if it is close enough to Kirby. The Helper version of Capsule J is cyan and the enemy versions are orange and the occasional green. Like most of the other Helpers, the Helper version of Capsule J can execute the same moves that its respective ability (in this case, Jet) can do.

Capsule J's successor, Capsule J2, reprises the original Capsule J's role in Kirby Super Star Ultra. The Capsule J2 model is more likely to reappear later in the series.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Capsule J is a mechanical blue creature with white gloves and red shoes. It has a bright green, visor-like casing obscuring the rest of it face and a jet pack on its back which is attached by a ring-like band which hangs above its visor. It highly resembles a mechanical Waddle Doo with a jet pack on it's back.

Capsule J2 has the same basic components, but a completely redesigned head.

Capsule J

Capsule J in Kirby Super Star