Broom Hatter is a relatively harmless foe found in the Kirby series. Clad in a black witch's hat, this clean freak always sweeps away the dust wherever she feels necessary. Broom Hatter rarely goes out of her way to attack Kirby. But she does cause damage if Kirby gets in the way of her obsession.

Few changes are made to Broom Hatter between games in both her actions and character design. She is typically a nondescript, simple, powerless foe.

Physical ApearanceEdit

Broom Hatter resembles a stout witch, with a broom and a hat with a band that is, currently, white, and, like many enemies, has no head-body destinction. The creepy thing is that she has no face whatsoever.


Broom Hatter just sweeps her broom side to side. She is pretty much just like Waddle Dee, Squishy, and Flotzo: She does nothing else.


Other GamesEdit

Broom Hatter appears as a very basic enemy in these following games. Once again, Broom Hatter provides no ability and simply waltzes about the level sweeping away the dust. In Kirby's Avalanche, Broom Hatter serves as the 7th competitor Kirby must face. In Kirby Wii, she will reprise her role of the supplier of the Clean ability, and will also serve as its Helper.

Broom Hatter

Broom Hatter in Kirby Super Star

Broom Hatter (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland)

Broom Hatter in Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Broom Hatter (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Broom Hatter in Kirby Super Star Ultra