Box Boxer (also called Bow Fighter) is an enemy who first appeared in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. His appearance is that of a dog head with long ears (that double as arms) and two legs. He attacks in three different manners, utilizing his ears in all three cases (either by charging up a projectile that Kirby can inhale, grabbing Kirby and tossing him up in the air and then clapping him between his two massive ears, or punching him). Eating him when he is defeated gives Kirby the copy ability, Fighter. Box Boxer also appears in Kirby Squeak Squad with the same attacks and copy ability. Speaking of that game, Box Boxer's sticker in SSBB used Squeak Squad's design of him.

Box Boxer (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Box Boxer in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Box Boxer (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Box Boxer in Kirby Squeak Squad