Blipper is a fish-like enemy that wears goggles and appears in most of Kirby's games, the Kirby Super Star Ultra being that. Blippers are often called "the Waddle Dee of the sea" because they are such a common nuisance underwater. Some just swim around back and forth, some try to chase Kirby, and others will jump out of the water. Being fish, Blippers just flop around helpless if they end up on land.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, When Kirby's Grab (Beam, Fighter, Ninja, Bomb, Yo-Yo, Jet, Parasol, Ice, Suplex) some ready to catch that made a Blipper explode and then they damage enemies, killing enemies, damaged bosses.

Other GamesEdit

Blipper appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as one of the stickers players can earn. The Blipper Sticker raises a character's swim time by 20 allowing them to swim for longer periods without drowning. It uses the design from Squeak Squad.


Blipper in Kirby Super Star

Blipper (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland)

Blipper in Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Blipper (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Blipper in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Blipper (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Blipper in Kirby Squeak Squad

Blipper (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Blipper in Kirby Super Star Ultra