Big Metalun is a big metallic cyclops. His only attack is to curl up into a ball and roll full-force into Kirby. Although this is is only attack, every time he takes a step rocks will fall from the ceiling. This forces Kirby to be on his toes during the entire fight, not just when Big Metalun attacks.

His name is not to be confused with Metal Guardian, an enemy that gives Kirby the Laser ability. He is a relative or sub-species of Metalun.

Physical ApprearanceEdit

Big Metalun's body is a huge chunk of bluish plated metal (possibly steel or iron) with a pair of stubby arms and legs. He has a single blue eye covered by a thin sheet of metal atop his head.

Big Metalun, seeing as how simply walking creates rocklsides, also weighs a great amount. This girth makes him walk lethargically but makes his body near impenetrable to many attacks, meaning the damage all of Kirby's moves used on him are dramatically reduced.




  • Even though Big Metalun is very heavy, he oddly doesn't need to be super inhaled.
Big Metalun (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Big Metalun in Kirby Squeak Squad