Batafire (also called Fire Bat) is a powerful mid-boss that debuted in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. He gives Kirby the Burning ability when defeated and swallowed. Batafire spends all the time flying in the air and occasionally attacks by charging at Kirby. He is also capable of releasing a barrage of fire balls in all directions, which Kirby can swallow and shoot back at him. Upon being defeated, Batafire crashes into the ground and (as with other mid-bosses) eventually explodes if not inhaled.

Although Batafire has yet to appear outside of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, a similar boss named Bohboh appears as a boss in Kirby Squeak Squad. The two are designed very similarly and have almost the same attacks.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Batafire is a large bat that is in the shape of a fireball. He has two large orange bat wings and small pointy red ears. He has a small cat-like face located right in the middle of his body. Batafire is roughly three times the size of Kirby, which is extremely large for a mid-boss and even rivals the size of most bosses.

Batafire (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Batafire in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror